Can't Even Get To The Bios

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Mobo: Abit NF7-S
Processor: AMD 2500 Barton Core
Video Card: ATI 9800pro 128
Monitor: Gateway 900vx
RAM: 512mb select ?
HD: Maxtor Diamond Plus9 120 GB (Mast) Maxtor Diamond Plus9 80 GB
OS: XP Home upgrade
Case: Thermaltake Xaser III
Power Supp: 500 watts

Hi Guys I have a big problem that I was hoping you could help me with. I am trying to finish up building this system and almost got there :? but I have run into a big problem. When all was done and plugged in I fired it up and for the first couple of times I was able to reach the bios, it showed up on the screen. I shut it down because I wasn't getting the beep. I did this a couple of times then BOOM!!! Nothing.... I would turn on my system and nothing would come up on the screen. Below is the list of things I've already troubleshooted for. . .hope you can help...

First I checked the monitor and hooked it up to my old machine. It checked out ok.

I unplugged each hard drive leaving one plugged in vise versa. Nothing

I took my processor apart and checked for any defects, dirt and to make sure that it was making contact with the MB. Also reapplied thermalpaste.Then I had a friend test the processor, it was ok.

I checked and rechecked all the power connections, the light on the MB would come on each time I tried to boot up, but no beep. I even took my processor off and started my MB. The light still went on.

I took out my ram and reseated it after checking it. I also switched slots and tried booting with only one in. Nothing

Each time I tried something different I cleared the cmos.

I unplugged the video card and also took it out. Nothing.

I tried another video card I had lying around with no results.

The power supply works when I turn on its switch.

I know that there's a couple of other things I probably left out, but these are the main things. I would sooooo much appreciate some help and input on this. Thanks a million times....

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