Can't get past POST screen !

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picked up an used ASUS A7V-E mb, and an Athlon 1.1 Ghz CPU -
put everything together, and the computer freezes on the POST screen-
OR, it boots right into the BIOS screen and freezes. Can't get into the BIOS itself, any movement of keyboard or mouse freezes everything !

The board has DIP switches for manual and auto setting of CPU and clock speeds, nothing works, or helps - Is this a symptom of corrupted BIOS?

(BTW, emailed ASUS tech support, no response)
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Cpu damaged or too hot due to a too small cooler or cooler is not mounted in the correct way
Tried Clear CMOS ?
Tried different memory or run with only one stick ?
PSU too small ?
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have no way of knowing if CPU is too hot - using a double-fan cooler
tried using different memory & 'one stick' - didn't work
tried changing AGP card - and/or using a PCI video card - still didn't work
Power supply is 300 watt - should be sufficient
cleared CMOS about 20 X - still didn't help
tried different CPU and multiplier settings - didn't work

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I would disconnect everything form the board except for video as a means of trying to track it down. Pull all cards but VGA, completely disco all hard drives, floppy, CDROMs (power cables, too). Then, if it still freezes, you have at least (more or less) eliminated the other hardware as the culprit. If it doesn't, hook up one device at a time until it gives you a hard time again.
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