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#29185 by ferris209
Tue Jan 18, 2005 11:23 am
Hello all, I recently purchased a brand new shiney 7200 rpm 8 mb cache Seagate 200GB hard drive to replace my crusty old 5400 rpm 2 mb cache Maxtor 80GB factory HD. I've had my Compaq 5333CL for about 3 years now and its worked really good. I've kept it always up to date. I am currently running Windows XP Pro with 1.5 MB of Ram. Anyways, everytime I try to enter the bios and the screen with the red compaq logo, it simply goes to a blank screen with a single blinking curser in the top left corner for a few seconds then it boots nromally into Windows XP. It does say to press f10 and that is what I do. I scavaged the Compaq and HP websites for some sort of utility or something to recover my Bios, but since this is a pre-Hewlett packard takeover model, any help is very hard to find. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to start using my nice HD, I can't stand the tought of now owning a $150 paper weight. Here's an info link on my computer ... =c00009497