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#56481 by DoctorP62
Tue May 31, 2011 7:29 pm
I have a Compaq 1716CL desktop PC. It has an ASUS A8AE-LE Motherboard. The BIOS is Phoenix award bios Core v6.00 PG Revision3.08 09/13/2005. My problem: Original OS was Win XP home, Original hard drive had 2 partitions, One was for OS, and one was a restore partition. When booting the screen would say press f1 for setup, f12 for system restore. Somehow I blew out the OS, and the restore didn't work. I upgraded the memory, and installed Windows 7 ultimate. I formatted the restore partition and used it for the page file. Computer would boot but had a error, cant remember what it was, but hit space bar, and boot would continue. Worked great. I bought a new hard drive, formatted it, installed Windows 7 on it, and used orig drive for data and 'restore partition for page file. Still had error on boot but it worked. Decided to reinstall windows 7, I deleted both partitions on original drive, and made one big partition. Booted from Windows 7 DVD, Re-installed OS on C drive. When computer rebooted, it ran POST cleared screen and froze with funny characters in upper right corner. I think the BIOS is looking for a partition that no longer exists, and is locking up. What do I do? Can I change the BIOS, and how would I do it?