configmg error with win98

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i have pcchips m730 mainboard. no special hardware. i install windows 98 and at a certain time during installation i get a configmg error, need to restart halts... in other words no possible to install or use windows --> only in save mode. found some stuf on the web:
1. ms claims it could be fixed by disabling the power save stuff. no go
2. ms claims to disable the external cache on the processor. error goes away, but machine just freezes.
3. found an article on problems with a certain sis chip. just add a resistor between some ic's. hmmmm does not sound likely
tried to install other os'es but they all crash with mem dumps. so it is a hardware thingie right?

i am not an easy quitter but really do not know where to look for the solution here.
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Try different memory.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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