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Peter van Ingen
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Hi There,

I'm not quitte an wizkid, but I have a serious prblem and perhaps there is someone who can help me.

My computer was always protected by a password activated in the BIOS setup. For several reasons it was not workable anymore to keep this password active and so I entered the BIOS and erased the user password and it was called clear.

But in the same BIOS there was a kind of "superuser" password and also activated. I pressumed it was only for special BIOS protection, but now my PC wants this password instead of the user password.

Now I can't get into my PC or the BIOS. A recovery diskette from Windows won't work, because the floppy won't be found untill the BIOS password is correctly.

How can I get into the BIOS without the password, is there some shortcut or anything? When I start my PC I get Phoenis Bios 4.0 release 6.0 and BIOS version 1.18.

Is there somebody who can help me?
The UniFlasher
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Use Clear CMOS jumper to remove the password.
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