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#48454 by bizzybody
Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:21 am
I have a VA-503+ that I can't get through setup on 98SE without it crashing. The chip on it currently is a 450Mhz K6-III.

Think it might behave if I swapped in an ordinary K6-2 450? (I'm pretty certain it would only be worse with a K6-2+ 500!)

I'm not attempting to overclock, the goal is just to have one more box running 98SE for old games.

If I had 128megs of SIMMs for this board I'd try that instead of a single 128meg DIMM. I might try a pair of 64meg DIMMs. I just need to get the thing to *work*. If something has to be slowed down a little it won't matter much for the games that will be installed. (Starcraft, Age of Empires, Quake II etc.)

I had one of these boards back when they were new, ran a Pentium MMX 200 at 225 with SIMMs, rock solid all day long and with an STB Velocity Riva 128 (which had a 230Mhz RAMDAC- faster than the reference design) could run Quake II at 30fps 800x600). When I upgraded to one 64meg PC100 DIMM it would not overclock at all and was twitchy at normal speed.