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#29602 by GrandRoyale
Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:55 am
To start i'll just list my system specs so you guys have an idea of what im running here. Im pretty unsure of all the super-technical things but I could find them out if they're required.

Penitum 4 (2.4 gHz)
512mb Ram
32mb ATI Radeon 7500

Well, it's happenned again. Sometime last February or March I encountered a little problem with my Frame Rates in all graphical programs. Not just games, but movies, animations, flash programs and even MS Paint. This is what happens......I'll be playing a game for example, (my typical FPS being somewhere in the 30s or 40s), and it'll all of a sudden drop to 9 or 10 frames. It'll stutter, as if the computer is trying to load something, lag a bit, and make it seem as though its working a lot harder than it should be. Then in about 10 seconds, it'll shoot back up to the regular frame rate. It'll just repeat itself every minute or so getting worse the longer I play. This time around, there are no intervals inbetween of good framerates inbetween the bad ones. The game constantly plays at a meager 9 or 10 frames, and chugs along.
I sent my computer to Dell when it first hapenned a year ago, and got it back the next day with a little note that said they had modified or fixed my BIOS. Lo and behold, everything was back to normal, until it struck again right now. First, I want to know what they did to it and secondly, if there is a way I can go through this myself, and possibly fix the problem in whatever way they did. ANY help would be much appreaciated. I can give more details on the situation if someone responds and is willing to help me out. :?