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#53640 by Alchad
Thu Oct 15, 2009 3:45 pm

Came across this site when searching for info on a problem I've got with a music server which is basically a computer in a different guise. It's based on a mini ITX motherboard has a large hard drive and a good quality CD drive, the whole thing is menu driven via a link to my TV and hi-fi and a remote control

Anyway I've got a problem with the server because I lost the on screen menu, although the manufacturers background wallpaper design still appears but the menu doesn't - all i get is a black band.

Point of my visit here is that digging around I found that on startup I can access the BIOS menu's (using information provided by the server manufacturer), but the options available are very much reduced to those shown as being available from the motherboards manual. I suspect that the manufacturer of the server has customised the screens so that some options are not available to users - which is fair enough, somebody is bound to play about and mess things up. My first question is whether this BIOS modification is actually likely, or am I wrong and the motherboard was actually provided like that.

Second question, I'd like - out of curiosity and to try and sort the problem - to flash the BIOS according to the latest version on the motherboard's website. If I did this would I cause any problem. I was thinking as a safe option of trying to buy a identical BIOS chip and use that so I still had the original as backup.

Finally, I don't know, but I think that the operating system of the server is Windows CE. Does this make any differerence to flashing the BIOS.

Many thanks