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#54140 by bozicaleksandar
Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:29 pm
Hello again,Thans everybody for help.I find new problem.When I start computer it's appear "ATA RAID BIOS SETTINGS UTILITY" on screen and scan for devices.
Chanel 0 Master: No Devices
Chanel 1 Slave: No Devices
I try in BIOS to switch off RAID,but when I do that OS (Windows XP) can run and black screen appears.
When I back RAID in BIOS (switch on) and (in BIOS) load optimized value same problem it's happen.
When I Load fail value windows run OK but can't hear a sound from speakers and when try to run program the program is very slow.
I try to go RAID Settings screen but when I enter I can't do anything because every time I press any button on my keyboard (except ESC) nothing happend(Freezing screen) and in lower field of RAID Settings nothing appears.There no HDD in RAID Settings Found,just only utillity and I can't doing nothing.
I also try to change from AHLI to IDE but nothing happend.
Please help me if anything somebody know.
Thank you very much.