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I have a 82430vx/P54c PCI motherboard (SY-5VA2) with a 133Mhz Pentium classic CPU that I have upgraded to a Pentium 200MMX (SL23W)
and also the bios (from 2A59GS29C-00 to 2A59GS2IC-00 with 5va0911h.bin file), i also set the jumpers according to the manual
Voltage Change
- Removed Jumpers on JP35
- putting one on JP36 and one onJP32 (for 2.8v)
- plus JP30 for 3.3v

- Set 66mhz bus speed - JP10

- And set multiplier x3 - JP 14

I tryed everything and nothing, and strange to say, is that the Clock Multiplier jumpers (JP13 & 14) don't have any effect no matter what combination that I use.
The 200mmx processor operates @ 166Mhz/66Mhz (that's what i saw on screen when boot) i.e. x2.5 clock speed. :cry:
If I change the bus to 60Mhz then the chip runs @ 150Mhz i.e x2.5
When I put the 133Mhz chip back in and return the multiplier jumpers JP 13 & 14 work again, I even ran the 133Mhz chip @ a 50MHz bus speed and 3x multiplier i.e. JP14, to make sure that JP14 is working the chip ran @ 150Mhz.
It has been suggested that i check the trace for JP13 & JP14 on the mobo see if it is broken? But if it is broken surly it wouldn't work for the Pentium133 ?:?
Before i take the machine apart and check the trace on the mobo have you any other ideas what I could do??
There is an extra jumper on the board JP50 next to JP30, anyone know what this does?
Tanx in advance,
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Looks like a pull-up problem that some early boards have. The board has no pull-up resistors for the multiplier signals because non-MMX Pentium CPUs (P54C) have internal pull-up resistors. The Pentium MMX CPUs (P55C) do not have internal pull-up for these signals - and there are no pull-ups on the board so the multiplier signals can never go "high". I guess that a hardware modification of the board is needed (soldering some resistors somewhere).
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"...soldering some resistors somewhere..." is out of question, and what damage the mobo??? :evil:
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