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#7727 by zepherzs
Mon Sep 09, 2002 7:53 am
hi good morning,

this is what the bios agent tells me i have:

Program: Unicore BIOS Wizard Version 1.5
Program: Unicore Chip Detect v0.72 2000.03.10
BIOS Date: 08/08/97
BIOS Type: Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0
BIOS ID: unknown
Chipset: Intel Triton 430MX rev 2
Superio: SMC 665IR rev 2 found at port 3F0h

..this is for an older Dell Lattitude Laptop

i remember that i did see a place in F2 somewhere on boot where i could shut off the extra white square information signon screen for this bios but I have forgotten now. last time i flashed this with what i believe is the latest available for it and that is when i saw the option, but i've just scoured the F2 bios menu again and now i can't find where i saw that then. Maybe it was that i had to press a few keys that are not listed there, but if it was I forgot what there are, but I'd like to be able to shut that extra screen off now.

Can you help me remember how to do it?

Thank You,