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#23422 by struan
Sun Feb 08, 2004 11:41 am

Unfortunataly, I have a problem with my old Intel Motherboard RC440BX S/N IURC83722975. I changed the Batterie from this Motherboard, and now I'am not able to access the Bios Settings anymore.
Bios should by a Phoenix Bios as I remember ...
During Startup, I press <F2>. Display switch from "Press <F2> to Setup" to "Entering Setup". The "Entering Setup" Text fickers from white to grey back to white, and the computer continues with the startup sequence.
Unfortunataly PC is only asking for a Floppy Disk
I'm able to boot from a floppy disk, but system will not start from Harddisk (like before). PC was working without any problems before I've changed the Batterie.
I know that the system is old, but I would like to give the PC to my nephew as a gift. So it would be very friendly if you could support me ...

Thanks in advance