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#37412 by nocrapman
Mon Mar 06, 2006 6:57 pm
It takes forvever for machine to start-up. The Bios screen stays for a long time... so does the blank-black screen after that. Once the windows logo falshes -its very zippy after that - 10 secs maybe. I have fixed the RAM issue in the BIOS. Other than this and the fact that I get very low scores in 3dmark06 - (500 or so overall)... the machine runs fine and cool at around 30-32C.
ALso I was told by someone to clear the CMOS since I had never done that. Will that resolve the issue? Do I put the jumpers back to their original position after that boot up... or do they stay in their new position.

Oh by the way I am running ver 1.5 of the BIOS, so I dont think I need to update the BIOS.
Any helpful hints/suggestions would be highly appreciated.