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#58734 by wadders1988
Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:42 pm
Im currently working on a project and need to be able to find the size of the BIOS.

I know that and easy way would be to cross ref it online and find the make/model etc etc but this is not what i need.

What i need is some sort of command possibly something like a WMIC command that displays the size of the chip.

The reason for this is that I will be looking for the start and finishing address for BIOS chips... BUT as the BIOS chips can change size in different machines I need to run a preliminary check that digs the size of the BIOS chip out of the computer before continuing with any other commands.


The starting address for a 1mb BIOS chip should be FFF00000 where as the starting address for a 2mb BIOS chip should be FFE00000.

Therefore I need the size of the chip before I can input the correct address range (hope this makes sense).

Many thanks