How do you record original BIOS?

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ASUS recommends keeping a copy of the original BIOS. How do I record the original BIOS from my motherboard?
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If it is an Award BIOS, create a boot diskette with no autoexec.bat or config.sys. Copy the Award flash program (e.g. awdflash.exe), bott from the diskette and use the command line:
awdflash savebios.bin /sy/pn
where awdflash.exe is the name of the Award flasher.
That's an example. For other flash utilities similar options exist.
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Asus uses AFLASH as flashprog for Asus-Award Bios and it has the option to save a copy of your old Bios before updating the new one

The Liveupdate utility may have this option,too
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