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#56740 by DON IS BACK
Tue Jul 26, 2011 5:49 pm
Hi Dear Friends i hope you are all fine..!
i have three questions..!
!st is:
Friends i am using Unbranded System..!
and My Motherboard name is Intel intel d865 glc/peso/prc
My Motherboard cannot show Hyper Thread Technology option in Bios
My Processor is Original Intel Pentium 4 (2.6)
i wana show Hyper Thread Technology In My Motherboard..!
i too many search in my motherboard bios but i cannot see like this option...!
I see many branded system (Dell,IBM,HP) that have intel d865 glc/peso/prc motherboard and Intel Pentium 4 Original Processor,,but he show Hyper Thread technology option in bios...

2nD is: My motherboard intel d865 glc/peso/prc is original Intel Motherboard But When i start my computer then during Bios he Appear RM Logos...!
i will update my motherboard bios to 2005 but problem not solve and RM Logo still appear on my Computer During Starting bios

3rd: how can i upgrade my intel d865 glc/peso/prc motherboard Bios to Dell,IBM,HP,Bios?

Pls Help Me thx