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#51834 by Lamit590
Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:57 am

i am definitely not an expert...

i was overclocking an athlon 64 x2 4200+ windsor from 2.1ghz to 2.62 ghz with a temp of about 45-48 when running as full as i operate (music progs like cubase sx etc)

i have an asus m2n..ami bios..mother board

so really no problems there but i realized that my computer wasn't using the 2nd processor and i decided to reset the bios..unforntuantely beside the cmos/ctrl bios reset jumper/pins was another set of 3 pins (actually space for 4 pins but 1 pin was missing?)...I read later that those pins had somethin to do with 'intrusion'?

I removed the battery, but I accidentally moved that 'intrusion' jumper instead of the cmos bios jumper. I then realized my mistake and hoped for the best, replaced it to its original position, and then moved the cmos ctrl jumper for 10 seconds and then back again, to reset the bios...hopefully solving the problem that my WINDOWS XP sp3 would recognize my dual core. However, when I restarted my computer, after replacing the battery after 5 minutes, I never even made it to the BIOS, instead receiving 1long2short bleeps. I read up that this represented something with malfunctioning RAM on the AMI board....I have 2xDDR2667 ram that never malfunctioned before.

So now my computer cant even get back to the bios and wont pass the POST tests. I also used a hand towel to wipe some dust off of my heatsink/fan.

So...being uninformed, all I can guess is that either the accidental movement of the CHASSIS 'intrusion' jumper messed soemthing up, or that the hand towel had some kind of static charge that fubared things up. Could my RAM have been corrupted with an unnoticed static charge from a handtowel? Does the CHASSIS jumper screw things up when accidentally moved?

Any ideas? I just want to get my computer running and pray to Go
d that i didn't completely destroy my entire set up.

big thanks,