I need help with a startup issue for WIN 98

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Okay, I have been getting screwed by dll errors and what not so I must reinstall windows 98 from a recovery disk. But it won't boot off the cd-rom drive when I restart the computer like its supposed to. How do I correct this situation?

Also, how may I get into the BIOS from windows 98 when it starts up. It dosn't give any keyboard affermation of anykind during startup. What buttons do I press?

Sorry if this sounds like newbie stuff, but im desperate for some answers, and I really need help bad or I won't ever get any of my programs running again without shutting down or dll errors. So someone please help me.....
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Double check your boot order is CDROM, A, C in the cmos setup.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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The brand of PC you have will determine how to enter the BIOS setup screen..........most use an F key.........F10 I think is Compaq..........thats why I build my own...I hate how Compaq/Gateway/etc. hid that stuff......although to be fair most people that buy from them wouldnt know a BIOS from BEOS.
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