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#55576 by Th3_uN1Qu3
Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:13 pm
Hey all, i have one of those coming in the mail:

My system right now looks like this: Gigabyte 6BXDS, dual 1.4GHz Tualatins (unfortunately running at 1.05GHz as the board is capped to 100 FSB) on modded MSI 6905 Master slotkets, 4x 256MB CL2 SDRAM, vmodded Radeon 9800 Pro VIVO 256MB, Sil 3112A PCI SATA card + WD 320GB, VIA USB 2.0 PCI card, Realtek network card, Lite-On DVD burner and Creative AWE64 ISA soundcard. All displayed on a huge IBM P275. :mrgreen:

The 100FSB limitation was starting to bug me so i thought about retiring this system. I have a somewhat high-end C2D at home and two midrange gaming laptops, but this PIII is what i have at my grandparents' place and for what it's used here it's fine. I've been tweaking at 'er for the past few years and it's STILL not completed, so i'd rather get the best out of her rather than just get a new one. A computer with a personality, you know. :) And i happened to read about this VIA Apollo Pro 133A chipset... So of course, fully adjustable FSB AND asynchronous FSB/RAM, an AGP 4x slot (HD4650 anyone???) and support for 4GB of memory means that i'll be keeping the Tualatins around for 5 more years... of course when i found one of those boards for sale in my country i immediately said i'll buy it.

Now, here's the biggie. The board does NOT officially support Tualatin processors. It says it's Coppermine up to 1000MHz (yeah right, that's why it supports up to 166 FSB)... There's also no ISA slot so i'll lose the AWE64, but it's got onboard LAN so i'll be able to free up one PCI slot for a PCI soundcard. The thought of a BIOS mod does not scare me at all, but i'm afraid that if indeed it is made for Coppermine only it may require hardware mods. Now, my two Tualatin processors have mods soldered to them and insulated pins as to work with the 6905 slotkets, so my first thought is to simply drop the modded CPUs in and hope for the best. If that doesn't work, i'm honestly afraid to undo the mods, especially as i actually broke one pin off one of the Tualatins when i modded them (luckily it's one of the pins that needed to be insulated for them to work in the Coppermine slotkets). I actually ripped it clean off the ceramic so no way getting it back there.

The seller also has a pair of 1Gig Coppermines but i decided against buying those as well. I know the 1000s were crap clockers, and i bought the board mostly for running the Tualatins at their full potential, as i can play the recent titles on my laptop so the Radeon 9800 Pro is good enough for this rig. Buying a new board that does the same thing as the old one would kinda suck, so it's 1.4GHz or bust.

So, awaiting opinions on this. It should be in the mail in 3-4 days... The seller said i can test it before i send him the money, and to simply mail the board back to him if it doesn't work with my CPUs, as long as i don't break it that is. He's a nice guy alright. :)