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#11057 by Great
Wed Nov 13, 2002 5:23 pm
Please could someone help me.

I updated the BIOS on a Chaintech 5AGM2 motherboard to the latest version. I formatted the C: drive and installed Windows ME. The network card doesn't work, even though Windows detected it and put the drivers on. I tried to install the drivers for my sound card, Creative 128 PCI and when Windows is starting, I hear a crackle from the headphones and the computer instantly reboots.

There were no error messages during the flash process. I cleared the CMOS with the jumper after flashing too. Unfortunately, there is no copy of the old BIOS. :x

Is my BIOS faulty or is there something I can do in order to get things working again? Should you remove cards and everything else before flashing the BIOS?[/u]