Is it possible to flash any file into the ROM-Chip??????

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Hello together!!!
Maybe someone can help me.

Is it possible to flash every file into the ROM Chip with UniFlash????
Or can it be, that UniFlash reports a wrong Flash Image File and ends the flashing routine???

Maybe the file size is to small or has unnormal data to flash the BIOS.

I´m really interested in this question, because a wrong file may damage the board.

THANX a lot!!!!!
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Uniflash and most other flashprogs complain if the file size does not match the size of the Flashrom chip
It's not possible to flash 128KByte Bios into 256KByte chip and vv
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Yea, but u can flash the wrong BIOS-file. If it's same size as the correct one. So find a correct BIOS update, check if it's correct and then check it again. I was careful when I flashed my mobo BIOS. My flashing was succesful, as they usually are.
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Okay. Thanx a lot.
But a friend tells me, that the size does not matter. You can flash a 128KB BIOS in a larger Chip (256 or 512).
I asked some people about that, but no one had really an answer of this question. Maybe the 128KB BIOS works with the Board together.

So on.....
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You can flash 128KB BIOS in 256KB chip. UniFlash allows you to do that, but don't do that. Don't know if it flashes the file to the lower half or the higher half of the chip.
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