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#27155 by WmCase
Thu Aug 19, 2004 11:03 pm
Need some help or at least an explanation.

Recently my BIOS started stopping at the first screen, printing my hardware configuration (correctly) then asking me to F1 or F12 to finish loading.

I have an Intel BIOS version GB5010A.86A.7008.P18 that has been upgraded from the Intel Site. I have not yet insalled a home network but share a router for a cable IP. I have an extra hard drive slaved to my C: drive. The new hard drive has not yet been formatted but that shouldn't make a difference - I think.

Connecting to the cable IP and adding the hard drive were done 1-2 months before my BIOS started acting up. 'Windows XP restore' confirms to me there has been no recent system changes.

I have manualed, googled and Inteled, but not a clue.

Which makes my problem appear simple and stupid to me, but my frustration is getting intense.