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#21348 by dmoldovan
Fri Nov 21, 2003 3:42 pm
After installing SP1 on WinXP Pro, and all the security updates I just came upon a very weird situation: whenever I right-click a link and select the "Open in new window" command, a new window appeares, but on the address bar there is nothing, and it appeares as if it tries to open the page, but that never happens. if I press ESC, the address appeares in the address link (bar) and I can see the page if I press the refresh button.

This abnormal behaviour also happens when I click on a link in the Outlook Express

I have eDonkey installed, as well as some other programs that came with some adware software, but I was using them for a couple of months before and everything was just OK.

I can open any web page in the normal way, by typing the address, or by left-clicking a link.

Please tell me how can I get the IE6 back in working condition. (the OPEN IN NEW WINDOW stuff).