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#2527 by BF!
Sun May 19, 2002 6:02 pm
Recently I've had a lot of problems with my system. It locked up every once and a while, I just got a black screen and the system halted. There was no way to reboot. Switching the power off didn't help, it just didn't boot anymore. The only thing I could do was resetting the mainboard. It worked for a while, but within an hour the same thing happened again. I decided to reinstall Windows and updated my BIOS. Now I have another problem. The system works great, but has problems when I reboot. Windows loads, I still can do some things but when I e.g. play a video, the system just halts. I reset the mainboard again, boot up the system and it works great again, even with playing videos. I reboot the system, windows loads and I get the same problem again. It seems like I have to reset the mainboard every time before booting up my computer.

Can it be there are problems with my BIOS? Any help is appreciated, I can't figure this one out myself! Thanks in advance!

btw, I have a MSI K7T Pro 2-a mainboard with a 900mhz Athlon.