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#16439 by larry314
Tue May 13, 2003 2:27 am
a friend has a PIII with a MSI 6163 pro m/board
it has an old bios from 1999
they have just backed up the pc and wiped the HD and want to install XP
but it won't boot off the cd
it seems that a new bios will help
From looking at
I should update my bios from reading one of the update bugs above

the bios is from one of the earlier 1999 ones

i have downloaded w6163v3a.exe for them onto a floppy on my pc

i unpacked the w6163v3a.exe file
and got 2 txt files
and autoexec.bat
and w6163imj.3a0
and AWFL783M.exe then took the floppy to their house.
i copied them to c:\test
and did AWFL783M w6163imj.3a0
(the autoexec.bat prog wouldn't run-got error message)
this started a program 'flash memory writer V7.83 M4'
and ran it.
but at the end the system still shows W6163MJ V3.10 101100
on startup-so it hasn't installed the 3.a bios yet ?
larry :?: