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#651 by gangsta
Sat Apr 06, 2002 6:00 pm
I have an old Pentium 1 (200mhz) mobo made by Intel. After taking my PC with me when I travelled a few years ago it seems that some thing had happened to the PS2 Socket while the PC was in cargo. And ever since I have not been able to use a PS2 keyboard with it not even in DOS. I bought several keyboards thinking the keyboards were bad but I later discovered they all work just fine on other PCs but not in this specific socket which seems to have been damaged or had the signal path blocked some how.
Yet at the same time the mouse is working in that same connector but in the mouse marked socket (2 sockets: Mouse+Keybd).

The mobo has the standard 2 socket PS2 on top of each other soldered to the PCB.

Is this likely a damaged I/O chip ?
or is it just a bad connection/crack in the connector itself that can be fixed or be replaced with a new one.

If this was a problem with the chip why is the Mouse working on the same PS2 bus.

can some one with experience in these situations shed some light on how to remedy this problem.

or where to get replacement parts for it.