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#814 by charlieparsons
Thu Apr 11, 2002 2:24 am
Got lots (~50) of these monsters, tried upgrade to A06 (were at A05) to get to reserved multiplier of 3.0X, result 200MHz. ~17 failed AFTER AWHILE. Looks like BIOS failure. No vid on boot, tried usual hdwre fixes. Probably not a virus. Norton's AV2001 date 03/01/02 doesn't see anything. Suspect improper BIOS write due to possible floppy errors. Going to try new floppy drive on next batch. Got all the old BIOS files from Dell site. A06 is an upgrade. A05 seems to be the full file. Have I got that right? I ass u me 'd here... I can get the floppy drive to read the BIOS disk with the jumper marked "flash" but it needs input from KB which of course I don't have. Figured out (again) how to get KB input into .bat file (<CTRL>P, then key in case somebody needs it) but UPG program doesn't see this. Dell phone people seem to have all graduated since 2000, can't find a manual or get any info on how to use this "feature". Need any info, hints, URLs or anything you think might be helpful. I'm retiring (well, sort of) 6/1, would like to at least get recovery strategy in place b4 I go. Good useful info too. Haven't been on this level in about 20 yrs unfortunately. Saw some hints here, maybe a little drastic to edit BIOS file but I'll try it if necessary, nothing much to lose! Tnx. C.