Remotely Changing BIOS settings for IBM pc's

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We have about 1000 IBM NEtvista PC's andd we need to remotely change BIOS setting in all of them because whole of the company is going for fibre to copper . We need to change the setting of NIC from BIOS. We need this setting for our transtions of fibre network to copper network and enable the onboard NIC card again .Does anyone know of a way to remotely changing the BIOS settings?
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Maybe IBM has software to do so, but there are no 3rd party progs that can do this for you I'm afraid...

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There is a simple possibility to change the BIOS settings in all your clients.

If your clients are all the same, then you can:
+ set/change the wanted BIOS setting in one client
+ dump the CMOS data (containig the BIOS settings) to a file.

After this, write a small application/installer*, which simply and automatically puts the data from the file into the CMOS of the other clients.

*=it is also possible to write a small background application/installer which has hardware/CMOS access in Win2K/XP to write the CMOS data (with enabled NIC in the BIOS settings) into the CMOS memory.

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