BIOS Questions that don't belong in the other forums. Read them!
#17856 by timreid
Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:19 am
Ok, I've read a lot of the posts here and haven't seen one like this. I'm not exactly new to this stuff but don't do it enough to be an expert. My girlfriend had a Compaq Presario 5500 and the best I can tell it has a gigabyte motherboard and award bios. It has a 6Gb hard drive with windows 98. Her daughter got mad and kicked it... needless to say it is no longer among the living. I checked it out thoroughly and the mobo is hosed. I work in a place where I can get my hands on old computers all day long. I picked up an emachine amd-k6 333. It has a Trigem Delhi3 motherboard and I updated the bios to AMI v1.2. G/f has some files on the old hard drive that she [i]must[/i] have. I put the compaq hard drive into the emachine and it recognizes but won't read. I know the HD is good because I put it into my generic (home made) machine (AMI bios) and it boots fine, checks out ok. I suspect that the emachine bios is being an ass. Am I right? If so is it possible to replace the emachine bios with a generic AMI bios that will work without replacing the motherboard? (replacing motherboard means getting whole new machine in this case)