Riddle of a Dead CD drive but some times working!

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I have these 2 CD-ROM drives that started acting up a "Drive D: NOT Accessible" routine in windows 98 & ME.

The first is Creative iNFRA 48x , PNP (no driver is needed)

The second is Cyber Drive 24x , DOS device driver

both are internal, RECOGNIZED IN NAME/MODEL# BY THE BIOS, and hardly used.

but not accessible from windows. I've tried them on several machines.

The first DOES BOOT FROM CD if the CD is a boot device!!!

Now the CyberDrive doesn't even EJECT the tray ... (button or command --same result)

what is wrong with the picture here. I am sure no drivers are missing/needed.

Or is this a problem with windows.
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Your problem: Windows 98 and ME...

No, seriously... check the slave/master/single jumpers on the actual CD drive. You might have to take it out. I had the same problem, and that is how it was solved.

Good luck! Also, Get Windows XP pro.
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The OS has nothing to do with bad or incorrectly configured CD-ROM drive.
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