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Hi there..
I just want to know how can i just save my bios to make a back up.
I tryed with AWD812.EXE like a normal upgrade, but i put a fake name at the input bios file...and after that i was asked if i want to save the curent bios...i said yes...and i named "oldbios"...but it was saved without any extension...*.awd or *.bin.
So..i have now a file called "oldbios" and it have 256K. Is the good one?
What extension should i put there?...or don't matter.

And just for my information....i tryed to search my bios on internet and i didn't found it. This is what is written in the lower part of the screen at boot.

08/13/2001 - I815E - ITE8870 - MS7057cc - 00

And in the upper part:

P6IPAT ver 1.1 08/13/2001

All i found is the producer..i think is Elite..but on theyre pages was nothing about it.
Some ideeas?

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The extension does not matter. Award BIOSes usually have .BIN but it can be anything you want.
The board looks to be Matsonic MS7057C
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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