Settings won't save.

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I am unable to save settings changes in the BIOS. Any changes I make are immediately lost when I re-boot, even though 'save and exit' is chosen. I've just changed the battery, and that didn't fix the problem. While this does not render the machine useless, it does make it run significantly slower as it keeps loading the defaults. Any ideas? Thanks.
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Faulty BIOS chip, perhaps?
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Try to Clear CMOS manually with jumper or via connection the + and - connector in the battery socket .
This helped me getting into Bios setup with an Intel BI440ZX - before it hangs trying to get into setup in 80% of time and then in Bios no settings were saved .
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Possibly bad CMOS memory?

I don't know of a free utility that will test CMOS memory, but Micro2000's Microscope does.

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