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#44560 by bojo
Sun Apr 15, 2007 12:15 pm

This motherboard, (ABIT N-I8 SLI) is nforce 4 based, and has a nvidia gigabit ethernet controller on it.

Under the BIOS options it says, "enable boot-rom for onboard LAN" i turn that on because i wish to do a netboot.

However the manual says, to set boot first (second or third) as "NVIDIA boot age". Which i'm assuming stands for nvidia boot agent.

Thing is, this option is not in the BIOS?. My machine was updated to the v13 bios a month after i set it up, and i even recently rolled back to the v12 bios. And they both don't list this option.

How on earth do i enable it?. I wish to netboot. But it's just not there.