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#44457 by 36crazykevs
Sat Apr 07, 2007 4:15 pm

before i go any further i want you to know i aint the best with computers, so if you reply to this please make it as easy to understand as possible, terminology on parts of computers is wasted on

anyway now for the problem..

basically my computer overheats... i installed a programme called SPEEDFAN, and on that there is a few things it shows the temperature for.. (temp 1, temp 2, temp 3, HD0, HD1, temp 1 (there is 2 temp 1's for some reason)...

anyway i have noticed when my computer overheats the first temp 1 on Speedfan is reaching silly temperatures... (60-70 degrees).. all the other components (temp 2, temp 3, hdo, hd1, temp 1) are all fine...

also, as far as i am aware sometimes the temperature may be high but the cpu usuage isn't!... my comp also seems to go off when i am on games or sites that involve moving imagery or graphics.. (hense when i play Halo online.. or play PKR (poker website)..

it doesn't end there however.., when i try and CD burn (copy a film onto Cd) it will undoubtably overheat and turn off my comp...

i don't know if this helps as well, but when i put my hand near the back of the comp.. ALL the bottom of the comp (when i think the graphics card are etc, soung cards) is really cold... where as the top is pretty hot.. (were the power supplies fan blows out, and the motherboard..

i have fans in the comp (which did bring the temp down originally but obviously not enough).. i have also replaced the power supply pack 3 times now (so you can safely take that out of the equation.).. ..

i aint good on comps, but i assume it's my CPU (i need a better heatsink or something).. or better thermal paste.. or it's my graphics card or something...

i have bought some Artic Silver 5 just now..(as i've been reading up and stuff and believe this could help and am thinking about getting a zalman vga cooler... (just incase) and a Zalman heatsink and motherboard cooler...

DO I NEED ALL THIS? or could it be something really simple?!?!.... what do you think is the problem... (also one more thing.. how do i find out what my motherboard is?)...

if you need specs of my computer i can only give you these..i hope this helps..


Windows Microsoft XP
Home Edition
Verison 2002
Service Pack 2

Manufacturers and Supported by:

Tiny Computers Intel(R)
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.4GHZ
3.39GHZ 1.00 GB of Ram

sorry for making my email so long.. just trying to sort this problem out once and for all.. IT'S KILLING ME!!!. hehe

thanks for any help ..