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After having problem with my 40GB HD , only can use 32GB ..
that's ok ... :roll:

But i need win2k plataform family, so ; i installed windows xp-pro.

It doesnt seen to support Intel 82371AB/EC PCI Bus Master IDE Controler !
It uses a generic driver for controler.

It seens to work properly, but to see if the file-system is ok, i run the CHKDSK utility.
It reports problems , sometime not ,
When reports , I type chkdsk /f to test in next boot. also /v to see the trouble.

When reboot, it doesnt report or fixes nothing.
Say thats everything is ok.

I suspect of bad-working controler, it can't manage correctly the calls and get them wrong , still no crc-error in data. 8O

And ,YES, i tried the to find support to my intel 440BX chipset ... only suport to win95 and 98(built-in support), but xp support doesnt exists.......

if anyone has a tip for this...

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Support for i440BX chipset is included in Windows 98 and up (98SE, ME, 2K, XP). There is no driver because you don't need any.
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Yes, XP support intel 440Bx chipset... but

does not have support to Intel 82371AB/EC PCI Bus Master IDE Controler. So , it uses a generic controler.

it report in unsupported hardware at "Intel 82371AB/EC PCI Bus Master IDE Controler" , and i see on win98...doesn happens this.

win98 uses the Intel 82371AB/EC PCI Bus Master IDE Controler properly without installing generic controler.

the intel site doesnt have the driver too.

the problem is the 'generic' driver..... making CHKDSK report false disk-errors...
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I am running XP home on a ABIT BH6 BX board and I see that the ISA/PCI bridge is functioning ok via isapnp.sys driver suppplied by MS. I amd running an old 1542B ISA SCSI card and it works fine.
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Agreed. Fox BX, use whatever XP gives you.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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