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#10464 by Pavel Jackoff
Sun Nov 03, 2002 7:36 pm
hi folks,

i encountered a strange problem with an old pc of mine, which i want to turn into a dos-box to run my old games again.
i replaced the original 486-mb with an microstar ms5117 ver2 motherboard (award 4.50pg) and a pentium 75, which i overclocked to 90mhz. first everything worked fine. later when i replaced the processor with an 166mhz p1 and upgraded the memory to 64mb edo, i got this strange error: the pc runs fine through all post tests and shows the system configuration screen. right when it should boot from hdd or fdd, it freezes and leaves me alone with a blinking cursor.

i tried numerous bios-settings and hardware configurations, but the problem remains. even when i put the p75 back in and reduce the mem to the original size of 24mb non-edo.

thx for help,