system freezes while loading WIN98SE

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My system freezes when I load WIN98SE. After WIN98 reboots, it starts loading drivers then freezes at about 12 minutes remaining.

I'm able to load WIN95B with no problems (except that my Envida video card won't work in enhanced mode with will run in 16 colors or less only...even when I load the Intel 440bx chipset drivers up it won't work...Envida MX400 wants to work in win98se and later.).
- Then I tryed to upgrade to WIN98FE from WIN95...98FE locks up at the end (just like with WIN98SE).
- I've loaded WIN2000 up with no problems...I was also able to load the video card drivers with the AGP support; however, several of the games the kids like to play won't run with WIN2000 (which is the whole purpose to begin with).
_ When I try to load win98SE up, it gets 98% done...reboots normally after loading the files... then stops at around "12-14 minutes remaining" while it is loading drivers. Screen locks up. Cold screen pops up after reboot and freezes.

I went into safe mode to check out the 98se system properties...a message came up and said that not all hardware can't be found in SAFE MODE" (I think that is normal)...other than that, I found no apparent problems... no exclamations mark for USB support, PCI drivers, AGP drivers, etc. The video change option comes up and sets the system to 16colors and 480x600.

I'm running the system down to bare bones...only HHD, FDD, CD, ram, and video card.

I thought the problem might be memory (it still maybe)...each time I try reloading WIN98SE I swap out a memory stick in the 0 slot (using only 1 at a time). Same problems occur.

I've reformatted the harddrive more times than I can count.

I've reflashed CMOS. After turning the machine on, the blue screen still appears.

Here's my applicable info:
BIOS Type: Award Modular Bios v4.51PG
BIOS ID: 03/27/2001-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KH2BC-00
Chipset: Intel 440BX
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Before blaming the RAM, do you have another VGA card to test with?
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I reloaded WIN98SE using a ATI Rage Fury card...same problem...replaced that card with a Voodo 3dx card...same problem.
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Possible HDD UDMA issue ? Does it freeze with the HDD light on ?
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The porblem seems to be in motherboard,, Maybe some motherboards capacitors are "growing"?.. if it so then replace them,, the capacity and voltage must be same or bigger.
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Have you tried resetting your BIOS settings or checking for any weird settings?

Also, are you sure that 98 Setup is really freezing and not just taking it's time? Sometimes installation programs can appear to have frozen but they are just busy behind the scenes with no visible or obvious activity. If you have not already done so, I would wait at least five mins at the freeze point to see if setup continues unexpectedly.
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The condition you are experiencing can be caused by trying to operate a cpu at an incorrect front side buss speed--what is your cpu, fsb, and mulitiplier? Also, what is the name of your bios program? M003NL47, or something else?
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