TroubleShooting Timer in a Game

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I guess I am an old man hooked on online racing, but I have a problem with my PC. My game timer is not the same as an actual clock. My game runs slower than other players. If I finish behind another player, and I am with in 15 or so seconds; I will finish ahead of that player when the game syncs at the winner circle. My lap times are the same and have not improved over previous times since problem began. It just appears my game is not running at same rate as everyone else.

I have been playing this game for about 3 years now, and online about 2.5 yrs. This situation has occurred only in the last 9 months or so. Since this has started, I don't play in tourneys, and quite frankly do not enjoy this game online anymore. Every time I play, this issue is discussed and people think I am cheating.

Issues leading to problem:

My pc is an HP Pavilion 500 mhz, 64 mb ram, 56k modem, and the video is integrated with 11 mb ram. Windows 98SE

Last December I installed a new cd rw drive along with a 128 mb ram card from PNY. I could not get the system to start after this happened. I ended up taking it to a technician (to my regret) and he reset my CMOS and deleted my windows directory. Thank god I had 2 hard drives and all my important stuff was on that drive. Anyway, I ended up formatting drive, installing windows and all software.

I have had this problem since.

Corrective actions taken to date:

Removal of 128 mb ram and operated in original 64 mb
Tried 2 other isp's
Run system in clean boot senario; ie, nothing running in background
reinstalled game
Reinstalled ram
Tried different 128 ram
Tried adjusting game controllers, "poll with interrupters enabled"
Timed my game against watch online and it is different.
Timed my pc clock and it is right on.

I have worked with microsoft on this problem and they concluded it is a hardware issue.

I am sure the technician did something.

Is this bios flash what I am looking for?
If so, what steps do I need?
Can a layperson do this with little more than a screwdriver?
What damage can I cause?

Any suggestions??

Happy Trails,

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