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#28945 by Elorg
Thu Jan 06, 2005 12:36 am

I was wondering if any of you remembers the website detailing one ingenious constraption for BIOS hotswapping. You'd plug both EEPROMs in your homebrew PCB, and then the PCB into your mainboard where the original BIOS chip used to sit. Then, by operating a switch, you'd select from which chip does the system read or write to.
Perfect for smooth hotswapping (no risk of shorting out the leads while attempting to pry the chip out of its socket!) and absolutely the best thing around for experimenters like me.

As far as I recall, the only thing it did was cutting the power from one chip at a time, but I'm not sure anymore.

-Is the website with schematics for this thing still operational?

Another thing; I assume that ordinary EPROMs can't be reprogrammed in PC mainboards, even after clearing them out with ultraviolet light?