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Hi guys im kinda on a last minute attempt to finish off an assigment for a computer course any help is appreciated.

Anyone have any idea what 4 different areas could be in the bios and why they could be there? how is it linked to the cmos, and why are some areas not required and why?

Any quick help is much much much appreciated.
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AFAIK DMI,ESCD,Main Bios and Bootblock Bios

Main Bios stores setup configuration information in CMOS
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the first two may be absent because the hardware does not support it. Ever seen a 386 with DMI or ESCD? Thought so...

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This sounded like a reflection of a description of BIOS from some standard text so I did a Google search for:
BIOS "four functions"
and at I found something which looks as if it was written to answer the question.
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