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:twisted: every software i use to detect what bios i have gets the same thing - Unknown Bios - the date of the bios is 05/05/98 and this computer is very old..it is a Compaq Deskpro 4000..i need some help finding out what bios i have so i can get into it, kuz there is no shortcut to get into the bios, i have tried everything with no luck! the motherboard is a compaq replacement motherboard..kan any of ya'll help?? :twisted:
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Most software probably won't read Compaqs...it's all proprietary nonsense written to a non-DOS partition on the HDD. If that partition is damaged, that could be why you can't enter setup.

Try F10 to get into setup. If that fails, you'll have to download the F10 Setup disk from the Compaq website.
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