BIOS Questions that don't belong in the other forums. Read them!
#54348 by Hectic B
Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:44 am
i'm new to this forum and skimmed through the topics and some of the post and have been unable to find waht I am looking for. I work for an organization with about 6000 computers in it's environment (a range of makes and models). Predominantly Intel boards but not exclusively. Of our +/- 6000 computers about half have serial numbers in the bios. Of the 3000 that have numbers in, about 500 have batch order numbers where the serial number should be. So I need to update about 3500 computers with thier serial numbers.

Is there a single tool that I can use for this? Are there a set of toold that I can get somewhere? Preferably windows based and something that will allow me to do it remotely. Any help would be appreciated.