USB Problem, probaly my ancient Bios??

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John Morse
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I have an old PC with a PCChips M537 board. There is a design error in the VIA chip set (rather, the chips were defined before the final USB 1 revision and don’t work: posted on many bulletin boards). There is no apparent USB support (ie no references to USB) in my 1997 vintage Award Bios. Looked everywhere and cannot see a bios upgrade for this board. I bought a Lucent PCI USB card, which is recognized by Win98SE that I’m running, but the computer just hangs when I plug-in a USB device (or when I try and load some USB device drivers).

Any suggestions?
Is USB BIOS support mandatory even when using a PCI-USB card?
El cheapo dude
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Nope. USB BIOS support isn't mandatory. You aren't trying to plug a USB scanner, are you? These scanners exceed the amperage capacity of self-powered USB ports.
John Morse
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USB problem continued...

No, I've tried my Lucent PCI-USB card with an Olitec ADSL modem, a Dexxa webcam, and a Sony Datavault USB disk. The root hub properties panel in Win98 says 500mA/port. I'm sure this isn't a power issue.

The usb share IRQ11 with PCI steering (whatever that is).

Are you SURE these device drivers don't call some non existant BIOS support??
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What's your OS ?
VIA 4in1 drivers installed ?> > use 4.43 or older
Have you tried a different PCI-Slot ?
Recent Bios for your M537 installed ? > might help or not
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