Verify DMI Pool data then blank screen

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Hi I am having problems with an old pentium 3 computer that has award bios. I am seeing the last message Verifying DMI Pool data and then i get a blank screen. If i boot from a boot floppy I cant even type anything from the keyboard. I can see post messages from the bios during the boot process but after it verify dmi pool data it goes to a blank screen.

here is a little history on this pc that im working on
first i tried to install a wireless nic card but i had trouble with the cd rom
so then i installed a ethernet card, and then i get a bios rom checksum error
i troubleshooted it first by flashing the rom with the award flash utility and soon found out that i had to replace the bios dip chip.
i ordered one from and now i get this dmi pool data message. i also tried to mess with ESCD and several boot options.

can anybody suggest what I can do? is my hardware the problem. this pc was working before the fact that I installed the wireless card and the ethernet card. I have one thing to do and it would be to boot up the computer with just the video card connect without the hard drive floppy and cd-rom. if you would like to hear more information i have some links listed for my bios flash rom .bin file and my mother board manual. well thanks in advance.

pt-694x bios ... index.html

manual ... index.html
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Check for bad capacitors

Do not assume anything

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maybe it was a hard disk problem? (MBR damage)

because after Verifying DMI pool, the system wants to boot, if there is nothing to boot from, then you may get a blank screen (if it is a corrupted Windows XP startup) otherwise, an error.
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