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#33952 by ElPeque
Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:37 pm
this is a setting in the memory configuration tab in the BIOS setup.

I was using an ATI9600xt in my sysyem with that setting in "ultra", but after changing my card to a nV GF 6600GT, the system locks in one of the last stages of the setup process, just before i should be able to enter setup again. "The message: Run Flash Recovery" is displayed.

I had to reset the settings with the jumper to be able to enter the bios setup.

After resetting several times, due to trial and error i was able to identify the setting that triggered the error message. If i left it with "fast", then it boots correctly.

Why does it work with the 9600 but not with the 6600GT? Does this mean the system is unstable? If i leave it at "Fast" instead of Ultra does it represent a considerable performance impact?

Thanks a lot in advance.