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#34435 by KachiWachi
Sat Oct 15, 2005 2:09 pm
Does anyone know/recall what the issue is with an Apollo Pro133A (694X) NorthBridge and an nVIDIA AGP card/chip running at 4X, AGP 2.0 mode?

There is a patch available on the VIA site to "unlock" 4X mode in the registry for nVIDIA, but from looking at the VIA Driver Release notes, 4X mode "for nVIDIA only" was removed from the chipset driver in version 4.30 (though no reason is given).

If I do a PCI register scan in DOS, I can see 4X mode available for both the chipset and video, but once Windows (XP in this case) loads, only 2X mode is available. This points me to something happening within the chipset driver.

Any help? Thanks.