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Hi All,

I am using 815 chipset in my computer. The processor I am having is Pentium Pro 350 Mhz Processor. Actually When I am playing freecell or Hearts ( Windows Game) , Machine freezes. No mouse movement occurs. Keyboard is not working. I have to restart the machine.

:( I have disabled the external cache. I have disable the USB support and tried. Samething is happening again.

I have changed several BIOS settings. No improvement on the work. The probelm occurs only when I play freecell or hearts.

I suspect the mouse setup. The mouse is connected on the serial port.

Any of you, Have you ever faced this problem. Please give me a solution.

I am using Windows 95 OS and System memory is 32 MB.
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An i815 chipset, with a PPro CPU, a serial mouse, and Win95?

First, double-check your chipset. You don't have an i815 and a PPro.

Second, the PPro stopped at 233Mhz, IIRC. You don't have a PPro.

Third, use a PS/2 mouse.

Fourth, Win95...c'mon...
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Why are you jumping to the conclusion that it's a BIOS issue? Did you try to run these games in safeMode?

Rule out the possibility of a software issue rarther than a hardware issue. Verify that you have the proper video drivers as well.. Go into My Computer/Properties/Performance/Graphics and slow down hardware acceleration..

Check RAM.. ect ect ect

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Windows 95 won't detect your chipset properly, you need to install drivers for that. They are probably on the CD that came with your motherboard.
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Hi All,

1. I am having Pentium Pro Processor only. I have verified with this device manager of windows 95.

2. I am using a offboard SIS VGA. I have installed proper driver for that.

3. I have installed driver for motherboard resources.

Now I have changed to PS/2 mouse. I have played two games without any disturbance. I beleive the problem is solved. Anyway I will get back to you all after one week.

Can you please explain what are the differences between PS/2 mouse and Serial mouse in view of Software and in view of hardware.

Thank you for your help,
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Windows 95 can't show CPU higher than Pentium Pro because this was the latest CPU available when Windows 95 was released. I recommend to use at least Windows 98 SE on that computer.
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