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#16747 by IanL
Sat May 24, 2003 3:07 am
Hi all,

Think my problem may be down to a fault with the DIMM in my PC - but before I go out and buy a new one tomorrow, would appreciate your opinions please ...
1. Whilst using PC today it re-booted - out of the blue so to speak,
2. On a reboot, Windows XP 'activity bar' = animated,
3. After a few seconds, PC reboots again (and again and again!!!)
4. I *can* access 'DOS PROMPT' (the virtual one) but that is all,
5. When I start in Safe Mode, PC locks up during file listing,
6. Tried a re-install (3 different operating systems) on different hard disks but get memory page errors and lots of 'cannot write file to Hard Disk ' errors,
7. Tried installing Win2K and Win98 and neither will complete installation

Has anyone had the same problem? I will change the DIMM tomorrow but, of course, this may be a MOBO error - any tests I could apply to prove/disprove this - any diag software you could recommend (Obviously, I have a PC with Internet access).

You will already have worked out that this has rather 'stuffed' my Friday night so even a few words of support would be nice!..

All the best

United Kingdom
Merseyside (home of the Beetles - Yeh Yeh Yeh)