120GB: Barracuda ST3120022A

BIOS update, EIDE card, or overlay software? (FAQ Hard disk recognition)
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When I try to install Windows XP, it won't reconize the hard drive

Manufacturer : Micro-Star Inc.
Product Name : MS-6398
Version : 100
Serial Number: 00000000

BIOS Date: 11/26/01
BIOS Type: American Megatrends
BIOS ID: 62-3000-001169-00101111-040201-I845-1I845000
OEM Sign-On: A6398MS V3.0
Chipset: Intel 1A30 rev 4
Superio: Intel 82091AA rev 160 found at port 24h
Superio: Winbond 627F/HF rev 7 found at port 2Eh
OS: Microsoft Windows 98 SE Version: 4.10.2222 A
CPU Type: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 Processor
CPU Speed: 1600 Mhz
CPU Max: 2400 Mhz
BIOS ROM In Socket: Yes
BIOS ROM Size: 256K
Memory Installed: 256 MB
Memory Maximum: 1536 MB
Memory Slot 01: 256 MB
Memory Slot 02: 0 MB
Memory Slot 03: 0 MB
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Should be a MSI 845 Ultra series (MS6398)
http://www.msi.com.tw/program/support/b ... php?UID=34

If your hdd is connected to additional UDMA/RAID controllers you'll have to install a driver during setup from floppy .
If it's connected to OnBoard IDE check jumpers and cables
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I didn't download the bios, I was too scared that it'll screw my comp.

And then, I found a page which is the same problem at seagate:
http://www.seagate.com/support/kb/disc/ ... etect.html

with this, we searched a floppy and in the big box of the MSI 845 Ultra,
we found a floppy called: ATA133 Raid Driver

We did the instructions in the page and it worked!

I appreciate that you helped me... I thought no one would reply in the topic :lol:
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